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Fujian Yongsheng Furnace Material

Fujian Yongshengda Furnace Material Co., Ltd.
The role of fluorite in smelting is mainly to help dissolve and discharge slag. The fluorite ball is added to the fluorite powder with a certain proportion of binder, by pressing the ball and drying the shape. Compared with the fluorite, the fluorite ball occupies an absolute advantage in the quality and price. It has a uniform taste and grain size, low impurity content, and can reduce the melting point of insoluble substances, and promote the melting point of the insoluble substances. In the process of slag flow, the slag and the metal are separated well. In the process of smelting, the desulphurization and dephosphorization, strengthening the calcinability and tensile strength of the metal are widely used in metallurgical industry, and are gradually replacing the increasingly exhausted fluorite raw ore.
The fluorite ball produced by our company can not only meet the needs of the general carbon steel plant. For the special steel and stainless steel enterprises, the low carbon and low silicon fluorite balls developed by our company have greatly filled the gap in China, and have obtained the same affirmation, and have established a long-term strategic partnership with a large number of steel enterprises at home and abroad. And our company is located in the east coast of Fujian Province, the South Bank of Minjiang mouth, the gateway of Fuzhou of Fujian provincial capital, Changle city of two ports in China, convenient transportation and transportation, providing the best quality products and services for the customers at home and abroad.
Fujian Yongsheng Furnace Material